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Why Manifest Distilling’s success goes to the team and its unity

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First state to prohibit booze now drowning in specialty brewing

What a difference time makes. North Carolina, the first state to ban liquor during prohibition, is now a craft beer making juggernaut, generating some $2 billion a year in sales.

The craft world ride keeps getting faster

More craft world projections show the marketplace is set for another run of increasing growth, with latest report showing the industry will hit $92-plus million by 2025.

To tax or not to tax? New York craft brewers say hold on

Why the craft beer industry in the state of New York is not happy about a proposed tax on beer that could raise $50 million annually for public colleges.

Craft boom linked to record number of hop growing states

See why several studies say craft breweries may be fueling a geographic expansion of hop production across the United States, especially for farmers.