Heavenly brew

How Oregon's craft beer icon gave Ecliptic Brewing its place in the stars

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May 2020

'Make or break' summer for craft breweries

Although only one of Washington state's 420 craft breweries has closed since things were shuttered during the pandemic, the next four months could be critical. Their fate rests in how comfortable people are with returning to their favorite local breweries.

Brew tourism boosting small-town economies, farmers

Nationwide, consumers are making micro-breweries like Flat Mountain Brewhouse a destination. As more and more people want to support local businesses, they’re heading to micro-breweries – sometimes supporting a farmer in addition to the brewery.

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival hosting Virtual Edition

Steam Whistle Brewing has announced that while this year’s edition of the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival has been cancelled due to precautions be taken due to COVID-19, a new version will still be taking place as an online virtual event.

Some PA breweries tap into statewide shipping for revenue

Their taprooms may be idle, but area breweries like Free Will Brewing are finding other ways to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic. The closures and restrictions have led to innovations like curbside pickup, door-to-door delivery and statewide shipping.