About CBAM


There are several fine publications, organizations and websites serving the craft brands community. While they provide articles and news re: branding & marketing, none of them focus specifically on the discipline. --until now!


CBAM will be published 6 times per year (bi-monthly) and will be available both digitally and in print (via CCR Magazine). With each issue, we will bring you great content and news specific to craft branding and marketing. We’ll share success stories and techniques, showcase notable brands, introduce people, highlight innovative providers of products/services.


Primary audience: those working in positions responsible for marketing, promotion, sales, events, management, merchandising, brand development, etc., at craft business. Each of you is the caretaker of the vision and inspiration of your company. You are the story-tellers of the experience and identity. CBAM Magazine is for you!

Secondary audience: Design firms, brand consultants, distributors, product manufacturers, and other providers of professional services to craft brand marketers.

Who We Are

Craft Brand & Marketing (CBAM) Magazine is the sister publication of Commercial Construction & Renovation (CCR) Magazine.  Both are creations of F&J Publications LLC, in Atlanta, GA.

Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine has been in circulation for 20+ years. Print circulation of CCR is 5000+ per issue, along with 25,000 digital, online subscribers.

F&J also organizes the annual Commercial Construction & Renovation Summit, Women’s & Commercial Executive Retreats & numerous other networking opportunities throughout the year.

Commercial Construction & Renovation Summit