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There is an amazing diversity and plenitude of talent in the Craft Brewing community. Oftimes, the artistic expressions in related arts such as music, graphics, and visual arts are inseparable from the “art” of Craft Brewing. Here are a few examples of multi-talented folk.


Mentoring talent… Design-thinking and life skills for kids.

Here’s a lovely story worth sharing from Atlanta-based Spark Corps, a non-profit design firm helping non-profits.  Spark Corps created a program  that introduces kids to design thinking while helping them to build fundamental social skills. Inspired by early work, an activity book for kids called “Spark Your Design Creativity”has been issued.  By teaching kids to […]

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Music and Brewing… related Craft

Craft brewing’s rise has contributed to the vitality of contemporary music. Conversely, many of today’s musical artists are supporters of craft brewing. In many ways, craft brewing and music are inseparably intertwined.  For so many breweries, music is an integral part of the taproom scene and schedule. Craft breweries often organize and/or sponsor music festivals […]

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Art by Matthew Ryan Sharp

Matt is an accomplished graphic artist now working as Creative Director for 350 Brewing. His freelance agency work is through Midwest Work Ethic.

Music Art by John Condron

(This is a sneak peek at what’s to come. More in the works!)

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