How Don Bryant, Dane Chapin and actor Scott Eastwood are making beer for today’s American worker

The first time that Don Bryant and Dane Chapin ever tasted the beer that would transform their business legacies was the first time they met. True story. They met. They shook. They drank. And within a week, they began shipping their Made Here Beer craft brand.

The Aspen-brewed beer brand, which celebrates the American worker, is one of those Hollywood stories, if you had that in the craft world. Of course, it doesn’t matter that one of their partners is Scott Eastwood, son of famed actor and director Clint Eastwood, and a talented screen star in his own right.

The future of Made Here Beer is filled with enough promise to make it a craft brand to watch, powered by Bryant, CEO of Legacy Breweries, which operates under the offshoot High Country Brewing LLC, and Chapin, who along with his wife, Katherine, are entrepreneurs on a mission. Among their other endeavors, the Chapins are responsible for many versions of the board game Monopoly, including the Aspen edition.

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