Craft Beer and music go together. No surprise there. They are complementary forms of artistic expression which enrich our lives. And, in many instances the intended audience for each “medium” overlaps extensively. Ding! Branding opportunity.

Here’s a look at how one brewery and one of their fave bands collaborated on a multi-media campaign to celebrate their shared roots…  East Tennessee mountain culture. Smoky Mountain Brewing Co. and Cutthroat Shamrock.

Cutthroat Shamrock evolved a unique genre of music:  Appalachian Celtic Punk. Founded on the musical traditions of the Irish, Scots, and Ulster settlers of America, these “boys” morphed those styles into something much more contemporary, complex, creative, edgy, bold,  and challenging of conventional social norms. Sound familiar? Yep, a lot like Craft Brewing.

Sleepy Mountain Brewery, Kingsport, TN was founded in 2014. As fans of Cutthroat Shamrock, they quickly asked if they could create an “Irish Red” style and reference-name it with the band.  Result… Cutthroat Irish Red. And, it’s been a growing success ever since.  Enough so that Sleepy Owl’s DIPA is labeled “Down on My Luck,” one of Cutthroat Shamrock’s most-popular songs.

Enough for one quick post.  Just might do a more in-depth article on music and Craft Brew in a future issue of CBAM.  Stay tuned.

Cutthroat Shamrock – “Fly Away”