DeadBeach Brewery broke ground on its new regional production facility on Friday morning, setting the stage for the brewery to distribute their brews to more than 28 markets. The facility will serve as the brewery’s new brewhouse and canning facility and will have the capability to produce thousands of cans and kegs each year. The facility is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“You’re gonna see your homegrown beer in different states, different cities and we are so excited here at DeadBeach to be able to do that for our community and, of course, it could not be without all of the support the community members have given us,” says Veronica Hernandez, Advertising and Marketing director for DeadBeach.

The building will also serve as the brewery’s headquarters and administrative office space. Once the building is completed, its beers will be available in six states.

“If you had our Chuco Lager, Deadbeach Lager and our Deadbeach IPA, you’re going to be able to find that across different cities and supermarkets locally, soon. And then definitely, you know from Louisiana over in New Orleans to Denver to San Diego and everywhere in between,” Hernandez says. “We are looking to take the Southwest on and bring proud El Paso craft beer over to these cities.”

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