Canned cocktail marketers eye longevity in the face of mounting challenges

There is a shakedown coming in the canned cocktail market. That’s what happens when you have too many entrants trying to flood a market that has only so much room.

And yet, we are, as marketers in the space could soon face a litany of new challenges as the pandemic slowly winds down and consumer habits shift. The inflection point, which some industry insiders say will call for deeper brand association targeting millennial drinkers, comes on the heels of the category’s 86.8% rise in year-over-year off-premise dollars through the first part of the pandemic, according to Nielsen data cited by Drizly. This growth hinged on the circumstances of the health crisis, as well as the demand established by its predecessor and ready-to-drink (RTD) relative, hard seltzers.

But as the pandemic fades (ever so slowly) and more people head back to their local bars, restaurants and other social gatherings, it’s a new day. That means brands will have to zero in on their marketing strategies, focusing on building identities, targeting millennial audiences and showing consumers why they deserve to stick around.

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