New partnership promotes craft brew industry diversity

With an eye on how it could improve its business acumen, the Coronado Brewing Company has partnered with San Diego State University (SDSU) Global Campus to create an award to promote diversity and inclusion within the craft brewing industry.

The 25-year-old brewery—considered a major player in San Diego’s $1 billion craft brewing industry—has pledged $32,810 to support SDSU Global Campus’ Professional Certificate in the Business of Craft Beer program.

Split evenly over five years, the award will fully cover the tuition for one student each year from an ethnic minority or a group historically underrepresented in the craft brewing industry. Coronado Brewing will also offer the awardee an internship with the company.

Gifts of $6,562 per year will be awarded every December between this year and 2025.

Craft brewing is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of San Diego’s economy, at nearly $1.2 billion in economic output in 2018. Coronado Brewing is one of more than 150 breweries in San Diego, widely known as the “Capital of Craft.”

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