Just got word of a new book that looks intriguing.  It’s titled “The Physics of Brand.” Sub-title is “Understanding the Forces Behind Brands that Matter.”

Having been able to browse online (including Chapter 1), The Physics of Brand just may offer a fresh methodology for perceiving branding in general, as well as how to build them.  The book offers new models along with a review of the historical context of branding.

In essence, the authors pose that one might well look to the study of physics for better understanding of the brand environment.  Brands are both real as well as figments of the imagination.  Such key elements of Physics theory as Time, Space, Energy Value, and The Senses are highly relevant to Branding.

The Physics of Brand in no way appears to be a dry dissertation. Hints of humor and the tongue-in-cheek abound. Looks like an enjoyable read.  Can’t wait to grab a copy!

A quick quote… “Brands exist to ensure trust, deliver meaning, and provide economic and social value over physical and social distance. What’s been lost in much of modern branding is the human part of the equation.”