Yup, you guessed it, the surprise is in the experience. The taste of a great brew will evoke an emotional response from your customers and so will the use of AI in creating social media posts for your target customers. The No. 1 goal of creating great brews and great social media (or post) is to evoke an emotional response that will set the experience to memory for a long period of time.

Do you want some of that for your customers?

The amazing new developments using social media AI to run targeted ads, social media posts and consistent content will evoke a brand experience that is nothing like you have ever experienced. Let’s get some background before we continue. After all, you are the expert at what you do—making craft beer, so let’s share our social media expertise. Our goal is to use marketing and systems to grow your business now and forever.

The opportunity to get in early is now

The amount of attention your business is missing out on social media is infinite. Your audience is probably spending three-plus hours a day on the social media platform of their choice. Are you anywhere to be found as they scroll their way through? Are you constantly seen and available on their feed? If you are like most businesses, probably not.

It is time for you to realize that there is literally an infinite (seriously, endless) amount of free engagement and attention you could gather for your business on social media. You can easily generate mass publicity for your business, grow a raving fan base, and keep them constantly engaged by feeding them content so that you are everywhere in their world. It is an endless goldmine of viral marketing to be tapped into. Your business needs to be pushing out content, content, and more content in order to stay relevant to your target audience. If you do not, you will be losing to the competitor that does.

In some cases, business owners have an expert working around the clock to keep up with these demands. Relax. Think out of the box for a second. The entire world is adapting to the power of AI.

Social media can be exhausting to even think about. Trust us, we understand. It takes a ton of resources and time to post consistently, every single day. In some cases, business owners have an expert working around the clock to keep up with these demands. Relax. Think out of the box for a second. The entire world is adapting to the power of AI.

Don’t you want AI to handle this tedious yet important task. Let us introduce you to SocialGagement (or SocialG for short). It is the groundbreaking AI toolset that can act as your go-to creator for content, custom images, and beautiful wordsmithing. Create massive campaigns across multiple social media platforms in seconds. Auto generate amazing, professional images and captions that sell. Stay updated with your analytics so you can aim and adjust. Now you can easily be everywhere in your customer’s and client’s worlds.

So, you can finally sit back, relax, and let our AI do the heavy-lifting.

What is AI and why does it make a difference?

We want to introduce the Artificial Intelligence Marketing Interface. It is the first Social Media Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI) that writes your content, builds campaigns and analyzes the results. The simple approach uses AI to help you increase brand recognition, loyalty and engage with a broader audience. With your AI solutions in place, you will spend more of your time building your business and creating new brews, instead of trying to figure out social media strategies on your own.

How social media marketing with AI works?

Just like making great beer, there is a formula to follow to create great AI social media:

Using this same formula, you can “rinse and repeat” as many times as you like to create AI campaigns that last for days, weeks or months in a matter of minutes using your cell phone or desktop computer.

Coming next month will be our checklist of social media tips about “What Mistakes to Avoid.” This information is designed to help you take your great idea, or already amazing social media and assist you on a basic level to ensure you get the exposure and success, you deserve. Some of the best lessons in life are the ones we prefer to avoid.

See you on the other side.

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Lorenzo Hickey is the founder of SHAPESHIFT World, a highly skilled consulting team with specialties in website, social media, funnel, podcast and overall business vision. For information, contact him at lorenzo@shapeshiftcompany.com.