Mask restrictions. Off. Beer drinking paradises. On. With summer nearly here in full force, there are some pretty cool craft beer trends to keep an eye on. So, what are we waiting for? To kick things off, here are the best U.S. cities for beer drinkers, complements of real estate discount company, Clever.

With beer enthusiasts eager to get back to tasting rooms across the country, Clever analyzed publicly available data to rank 50 of America’s most populous metropolitan areas from best to worst when it comes to beer. Its weighted rankings evaluated:

Here’s a look at the Top 10:

10. San Diego
San Diego showed up on the list at #10 boasting 69 breweries, 36 average beers, and 14 beer styles.

9. Cleveland
Cleveland rocked at 49 breweries, 33 average beers, and 17 beer styles on average.

8. Tampa
Tampa was bright for beer drinking: 83 breweries, an average of 29 beers, and 13 beer styles.

7. Denver
Denver delivered with 155 breweries, and an average of 24 beers per brewery, and 14 different beer styles.

6. Portland
Portland showed up big with the highest number of breweries on the list: 183 breweries, plus an average of 19 beers per brewery and 11 different beer styles.

5. Los Angeles
L.A. made the beer walk of fame with 158 breweries, an average of 20 beers per brewery, and 12 different beer styles.

4. Philadelphia
Philly was fourth with 139 breweries, an average of 26 beers per brewery, and 15 different beer styles.

3. Chicago
Chicago was number three, with 180 breweries in the greater Chicago area, plus an average of 32 beers per brewery and 15 different beer styles.

2. Indianapolis
Indianapolis was second with 102 breweries and an average of 39 beers per brewery and an impressive 20 different beer styles.

1. San Francisco
Of the cities with the best beer-drinking, San Francisco topped the list with 144 breweries and an average of 19 beers per brewery and 11 different beer styles.